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Name:Winter OOC Community
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The only color left in the world is grey: the grey of the crumbled ruins of 23rd century cities, the grey of vast toxic expanses of tundra, the grey of smoke that refuses to fall from the sky, the grey of winter. No one has seen direct sunlight in 8,000 years. No one has even been around to see it even if it were there. Outside temperatures rarely rise above freezing, and radiation has rendered the land infertile for millennia.

And yet amongst a desolate world, an oasis exists. A biome, centered around a Garden of Eden as perfect as any mythical telling, sits among the snow and waste, tended to by an elderly artificial intelligence unit named D.O.R.O.T.H.I.E. She has been preparing for you.

You have woken up in the dead of Winter, and the world is yours for the taking.

Winter is a panfandom, OC-friendly mystery roleplaying game set in a biome from the far future. It has jamjar and AU options for entry. Applications are open and accepted on a rolling basis. This community may contain mature content.

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